Baby Foot Exfoliating Foot Peel

Baby Foot is a foot peel that help slough off dead skin and make your feet as soft and smooth as…well, a baby’s. Like many women, your feet can get fairly rough looking. Basically, they spend hours a day in either stuffed into sweaty sneakers, squished into heels or some other type of shoes. But […]

Best Eyebrow Tinting in Holly Springs

Eyebrow tinting is a great way to save time in preparing for your work day or an event. Your active lifestyle can make it difficult to put on your makeup. With this option, you can wake up every day with the look of already having your makeup applied to your face. For those of us […]

The Best Solution to Solve Your Acne

As adults, acne breakouts and skin bumps can be embarrassing. But as a teenager, it can be devastating and socially limiting. The best solution to solve your acne is not the oral prescriptions that, while effective, the side effects can often be harsh. Pixel laser skin resurfacing is different. The laser is passed over the […]

Kybella Double Chin Fat Removal Holly Springs

Finally, there is a revolutionary, nonsurgical way to melt excess fat beneath your chin. In Holly Springs, offers the option of Kybella® to men and women who wish to change the profile of their double chin. In fact, our very own Allergan Certified Master injector; Jessica Clifford, BSN. A Certified Master injector attends a comprehensive […]

Laser Hair Removal – Q&A

I want Laser Hair Removal, but I am a bit nervous that it will hurt. Can you please explain more about the process? It’s perfectly normal to be nervous, most people are a little uneasy when considering trying a new treatment. We understand this and will give you all the information you need to be […]

Pixel Laser Resurfacing & Hydration Treatment, The Perfect Pair

Pixel laser resurfacing is a specialized fractional laser skin rejuvenation treatment that can dramatically reduce the signs of aging as well as treating the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines, pigmentation and sun damage. Our Pixel laser resurfacing treatment is very safe and common procedure that many of our patients are choosing rather than more […]

How To Refresh Your Face Without Surgery

You can refresh your face without surgery if you are showing signs of aging. Wrinkles, skin folds and flattening are due to facial volume loss and are part of the normal aging process. But, not everyone agrees with the ‘growing old gracefully’ euphemism. Dermal filler treatments can give your face a natural and freshen appearance. […]

Cosmetic Treatments For Under Eye Wrinkles

Cosmetic treatments for under eye wrinkles can make you look younger. You do not have to accept what you see in the mirror as the natural aging process. We all want to look our best for as long as possible. When collagen and elastin in the skin breaks down, it causes wrinkles to form on […]

5 Skin Care Myths Exposed By Thrive Skin + Wellness

There’s a plethora of skin and beauty advice out there. Some good and some you follow at your own peril. Many skin care treatments and products come with a lot of hype too and you left with not really knowing which is true and which are skin care myths. When you’re feeling desperate for a […]

Does Eating Collagen Help Your Skin?

The new year has successfully gotten underway and you no doubt overindulged during the holiday seasons eating your favorite fried foods and desserts with refined sugar. Now is a good time to think about boosting your collagen production because this definitely affects your skin. Boosting Your Collagen Production What exactly is collagen? Collagen is essentially […]