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IPL and Rosacea Treatment


The Sciton BBL (Broad Band Light) is the world’s most powerful IPL (Intense Pulse Light) system, focused on skin tone, and effective for turning back the clock on visible signs of aging. Hundreds of different colors of light penetrate the skin with each flash. The light targets unwanted pigmentation, redness, thread veins, sun spots and freckles. Treatment leads to an even and fresher skin complexion. This treatment is great paired with Moxi. book a consultation

IPL – Intense Pulsed Light

IPL safely treats Rosacea, sun damage, uneven skin tone, freckles, birthmarks, and broken capillaries. Treating these conditions can make the skin appear younger, more healthy and vibrant.
Thrive Skin + Wellness specializes in cosmetic treatments like Intense Pulse Light (IPL) in Holly Springs, NC. Thrive Skin + Wellness can provide you with rejuvenated and healthier skin

How Does IPL Work?

IPL, or intense pulsed light, is a treatment that uses a broad spectrum of light wavelengths. The heat from IPL’s short pulses of intense light destroys pigment cells and stimulates collagen growth in the skin tissues. Destroying pigment cells fades hyperpigmentation, and increased amounts of collagen protein make skin healthier.

Am I a Good Candidate for IPL?

The best candidates for IPL are people who prefer short appointments and can commit to several treatment sessions over time until the desired results are achieved. People who are pregnant should consider waiting until after childbirth to undergo IPL. There is no research that confirms the safety of IPL on pregnant women, so it is best to wait. Those with active infections should treat them before undergoing an IPL treatment. If the selected area for treatment is sunburned, wait for the sunburn to heal before considering IPL. This will help protect your skin from further skin damage, since IPL treatments treat your skin with light energy.

Your IPL Consultation

An IPL consultation involves an assessment of your skin condition and a discussion of your appearance goals. We will help you visualize the effect of IPL on your rosacea or other skin conditions. We will also ask about your complete medical history. Once you are determined to be eligible for the IPL treatment, you will be given special instructions to help you prepare for the session. You may need to take a break from certain medications that may risk excessive swelling or bruising.

Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a chronic disorder primarily affecting the face and is often characterized by a cycle of flare-ups. Many who have this condition observe that it typically begins after age 30 as a redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead that may come and go. In some cases, Rosacea may also occur on the neck, chest, scalp or ears. Over time, the redness tends to become more persistent, and visible blood vessels may appear. Left untreated, bumps and pimples can develop, and in severe cases, the nose may grow swollen and bumpy from excess tissue. Rosacea is a chronic condition, and laser treatments have proven to be effective in lessening its appearance.

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