As adults, acne breakouts and skin bumps can be embarrassing. But as a teenager, it can be devastating and socially limiting. The best solution to solve your acne is not the oral prescriptions that, while effective, the side effects can often be harsh.

Pixel laser skin resurfacing is different. The laser is passed over the treatment area to resurface deep and fine wrinkles, reduce hyper-pigmentation, large pores, and acne scarring. It involves no surgical cutting or severe down time. Pixel Laser skin resurfacing is a quick and effective procedure that leaves patients with smoother, younger looking skin. With a series of five or more treatments this procedure can produce incredible results discreetly. Treatments are available for the face (including the eye lids), chest, neck, back, hands, and scars.

What causes acne to develop?

Acne is a medical skin problem that is categorized by the existence of pimples and cysts on the face, arms, chest, or back. Mild to severe acne outbreaks can begin around puberty and in some people may last until your 40’s. Two types of acne include:

  • Non-inflammatory acne: Includes blackheads (open comedones), whiteheads (soft closed comedones) and milia (hard closed comedones)
  • Inflammatory acne: Includes papules, nodules, pustules and cysts. Cysts are lumps under the skin that have pus and other tissue in them. Unlike pimples, cysts do not come to a head, which can result in uneven and blotchy skin, pitting and scarring.

Acne develops as a result of excess oil and sebum production, which can be aggravated by hormonal influences on the sebaceous glands. Dead skin that is blocking skin pores can also lead to acne developing. In some cases, genetics can play a role in acne developing. It is important to note that there have been no clinical studies confirming that acne is exacerbated or caused by certain foods.

Acne prone skin can be hard to handle. A sad fact of life, breakouts don’t just happen to teenagers, 80 percent of people between the ages of 11 and 30 suffer from acne, so you’re not alone if you’re looking for tips on how to treat acne-prone skin.

The best acne solution

Depending on the severity of outbreaks, there are many options today for treatment of acne. We will discuss these in future articles; however, treatment for the underlying disease process is a must. After the outbreaks are well controlled, attention can be turned toward the undesired marks on the face.

It’s important to note that acne is not only a disease of the adolescent; people of all races and ages get acne. In fact, adult onset acne is not completely uncommon and is seen in women who are pregnant – often with more severe acne. Treatment options for acne scars depend on the severity of the scarring and the skin type of the person wishing repair.

Where to get acne treatment in Holly Springs?

We believe everyone deserves to have clear, healthy looking skin. For nearly a decade, Thrive Skin + Wellness’s trained and experienced team of medical providers have helped many patients successfully treat acne.

In conclusion

Fed up with feeling embarrassed and upset about your acne? Without using medication, ointment or cream, Pixel laser resurfacing is a viable option for treating acne. Get in touch by calling call at (919) 557-6400 or schedule a complementary consultation online.