Regardless of whether you go it alone or seek the guidance of a professional, your weight loss journey will require a fundamental change in your nutritional habits. It’s not just about eating fewer bad foods, but knowing which ones you should be putting in your body. Here are some of the key tips and strategies we suggest for successfully shedding those unwanted pounds:

Consult A Weight Loss Professional

If you want a coordinated, structured plan organized by an expert, you should speak with our highly trained Thrive Skin + Wellness staff about our medically supervised weight loss programs. We’ll have an in-depth consultation, where your full medical history, allergies, and other important health data will be carefully studied. Feel free to ask any questions at this time, as well.

If you are a candidate for medically supervised weight loss, we may recommend accelerating your results with Semaglutide or B12 Ultra Burn. Either way, you will still need to follow the additional steps outlined below to see your desired improvements.

Avoid Sugar, Carbs, And Processed Foods

Some sugar and carbohydrates are fine, but the excessive amounts found in processed foods are major contributors to weight gain. These items are typically high in calories and digested quickly by the body, causing you to want to eat more often. One of the easiest ways to make this change is to drink mostly water instead of soda and juice.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

While alcoholic beverages can be okay in moderation, don’t overindulge if you’re trying to lose weight. Alcohol hampers weight loss because it:

  • Is high in calories
  • Inhibits your body’s ability to burn fat
  • Makes you feel hungrier than you are
  • Increases cravings for salty and greasy foods

Stick to Lean Meats

Chicken, turkey, and fish are generally lower in saturated and trans fats compared to pork, for example. How you cook your lean meats is important, too; try broiling and baking instead of roasting and frying.

Select Low-Fat Options

Most food products on the grocery store shelf now have low-fat, low-sugar, or low-salt alternatives. If you simply must have that favorite sauce, try opting for the healthier version.

Eat Lots of Fruits And Vegetables

The produce aisle is chock full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibers essential to the human body, particularly the digestive process. Additionally, these foods are usually quite low in calorie content, allowing you to fill up while keeping your calorie intake low.

Exercise Often

Working out is there to help when the above techniques aren’t enough. The fewer calories you consume and the more you burn, the easier it is to lose weight. It is recommended to exercise at least three to five times per week.

Establish A Customized Treatment Strategy

To make sure you are truly on the right track with a nutritious diet for weight reduction, it’s a good idea to talk with one of our medical professionals. Contact Thrive Skin + Wellness in Holly Springs, North Carolina, to schedule your initial consultation!