As the name suggests pre-wedding takes place before the wedding, much like the engagement session. But, unlike an engagement session, we’re not hosting a photo shoot; we are offering pre-wedding skin care tips and advice so that your skin will be camera-ready for your big day.

There is a vast amount of planning that occurs in the months and weeks leading up to a wedding. From cake tasting to choosing a venue, to photo shoot visits to choosing hair and makeup artists — it’s a lot! After all, it’s your most special day and you want everything special and perfect.

At Thrive Skin + Wellness, we treat many brides-to-be who want their skin looking flawless on their big day. We always tell them that just like the wedding preparations, it just takes the right treatments and a little planning to attain a picture-perfect skin.

Twelve months

If you suffer from acne, acne breakouts, or acne scarring, now is the time to start your treatments. While most acne treatment results are seen well before twelve months, it’s best to allow plenty of time to treat these types of skin concerns.

Possible treatments include Blu-U® Blue-Light therapy, cryotherapy, laser acne scar treatments, cryotherapy, and IMAGE Skincare products. With ample time to prepare you can enjoy the procedure, allow it time to do its job, and not stress about treatments that may require some downtime.

6 months

Six months prep time before your wedding is good time for skin concerns such as hydration, tone and skin texture. Dermaplaning, chemical peels, exfoliation, and our unique hydration treatment are helpful and effective in improving skin texture and tone.

2 to 3 months

Your wedding day is quickly approaching and now is a great time to have any anti-wrinkle injections to eliminate frown lines and crow’s feet from cropping up in those wedding photos. Give dermal fillers a try to enhancing your cheeks and lips if so desired.

1 month or less – yikes!

Breathe and stay calm – your wedding day is almost here. You’ve worked so hard planning and organizing to get to this point. Take a little time for yourself and indulge in a soothing, revitalizing facial.

What to do next

If you would like to schedule an appointment for your big day, or you want to learn more about our treatments for your skin concerns, call (919) 557-6400 to schedule an appointment with a Thrive Skin + Wellness skincare specialist, or schedule a consultation online.

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