During the winter months in Holly Springs, NC the weather throws everything at us and our skin! We can go from sun to snow in a day and our skin is paying the price!

Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated In Winter

We know what the weather is like in Holly Springs, but how do we keep our skin dewy in the winter? The outdoor air as well as indoor heating really dries out our skin! However, it’s our own winter habits that also wreak havoc on our skin!

Use Warm Water

Due to the fact that it’s colder, you might be tempted to use hotter water on your skin — DON’T! Very hot water or very cold water damages your skin and causes it to dry out. Stick to lukewarm water to avoid damage.


We have repeatedly stated this throughout our website and will continue saying it so people understand the importance. It is essential that we wear SPF every day. It protects our skin from sun damage and can help prevent skin cancer. SPF is found in an increasing number of products these days, including foundations and primers. Use SPF every morning on your face and neck.

If you go makeup free or just need a good base, Vitamin C also helps even out your skin tone.

Use The Right Creams

If you use the creams that your face needs at the time, you won’t have to switch creams for different seasons. Consult one of our Holly Springs NC skin care specialists about what your skin needs for the whole year.

Eat More!

Over winter we tend to eat more, but not all of it is good! Eat more skin friendly foods (tomatoes, dark chocolate, oatmeal, etc.) to give your skin the best chance of staying healthy during winter.

Treat Your Skin

It’s important to treat your skin all year round! Gorgeous summer skin starts in the winter. Many of our “outdoor-loving” patients are surprised to learn that winter is actually the best time for them to have Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). If you’ve been eager to fade spots, even out skin tone, and rejuvenate—don’t wait. Winter will be over in just a couple of months.

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An increase in vegetables and better foods is the best way to up our Omega 3! However, taking food supplements such as Omega 3, Fish Oils and primrose oil help our skin with an extra kick that it needs.

Drink More Water

It may seem obvious to say drink more water due to the fact that we already know water helps with almost all health and skin problems. But it bears repeating because during the winter we also tend to drink more coffee, tea, etc., so adding extra water will counter the drying effects.

What top winter skin tips do you swear by? Let us know in the comments below and to arrange a skincare consultation just get in touch!