Ever wondered what it would be like to get lip injections but didn’t quite know what questions to ask? We can’t claim we can tell you everything you need to know about lip injections because each patient is different.

However, we have the answers to common questions asked about the lip injection process. Let’s get started.

How Long Do Lip Injections Last?

The answer to how long lip fillers last is actually a more complicated question than you think as it depends on a number of factors:

Which lip product is used?

Juvéderm Ultra XC is the only dermal filler approved to last up to one year in the lips while providing natural-looking results. This also means less visits to the doctor to maintain your desired look.

How good is your body at getting rid of fillers?

Some people seldom get sick and their immune system acts quickly to ridding itself of the fillers. In contrast, other people can still see the effects of their filler injections years later.

Do you talk a lot?

Well, it’s not just be a talker, it’s also blowing kisses, making duck faces, etc. — essentially all squeezing actions that also squeeze your fillers. Simply stated, the more you move or squeeze your lips, slowly wears away the fillers a litter quicker.

Where on the lip was the filler injected?

With some lip filler products, the deeper you go decreases the lifespan of the filler. Therefore, the edges of the lips seem to last a lot longer than filler injected into the body of the lip.


In addition to the questions/answers above, there’s the personal image to consider. When we see ourselves in the mirror daily, we rarely notice if we gain/lost weight.

But then someone who hasn’t seen us for months or even weeks will come along and say: Oh wow you lost/gained a lot of weight!. We’re surprised until we step on the scales and realize they were right.

Well your lips are the same, when you have your lip fillers done, you forget what they were like and then you feel like the filler is gone even though it is still there.

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