There are a few different types of lines around the eyes. In this article we’ll take a look at four types and discuss treatment options.

1. Lines Around Eyes: Outer Eye Hashtags

These types of lines form in the area just below the outer corner of the eye. People who experience this type of line around the eyes have usually lost a significant amount of cheek and upper cheek fat.

Due to the amount of cheek fat loss, the eye muscles and sometimes even the action of sleeping on one side of the face results in hashtags. Hashtags are perfect for use on Twitter. But on your face? Not so much. A dermal filler such as Restylane is an ideal treatment for correcting lines around eyes that look like hashtags.

2. Lines Around Eyes: Under Eye Arrow

The central fibers of the obicularis under the eye pull tight. For some people, these fibers pull loose skin that creates an arrowhead which can often be accompanied by a full arrow.

3. Lines Around Eyes: Crow’s Feet

These type of lines around the eyes look like three or more little crow’s toes. Due to the fact that there is less fat under the skin in the area to the side of the eyes, these lines are formed by using the muscles for smiling which are called obicularis occuli.

Anti-wrinkle injections are suitable treatment options for reducing the appearance of crow’s feet.

4. Lines Around Eyes: Crow’s Toe

This type of line is the upper crow’s feet. Unfortunately, it’s not only caused by using the smiling muscles or lack of volume on the side of the face, but it’s also caused by the brows’ heaviness and brows pushing down adding weight to the top line.

This single line can be quite deep and oftentimes the usual anti-wrinkle injections at the side of the eye may not be treatment to use.

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