One of the main signs of aging is facial volume loss. Each person ages differently and so does areas of our bodies. The type of facial volume loss generally falls into one of three groups — sinker, sagger, or wrinkler. Each type has distinctive characteristics of aging, therefore different recommended treatment methods.

The Sinker

If your face looks like your muscles are more exposed, you’re probably a sinker.

As a person gets older, they begin to lose the fat that is in their face which causes the skin to sit closer to their muscles. Because the muscles are more exposed, the person will have an older, more worn appearance.

Oftentimes, because our hair is covering the temples, this area of the face is overlooked as a contributor to an aging face. Hollow temples make us look old. The eyes disappear, the eyebrows slope sideways and a sharp edge appears beside the eyes.

People with good bone structure assume that when they age they won’t experience loss of fatty tissue over their cheeks — you will. Replacing volume over the cheek bones themselves (rather than the apple central apples), in a subtle way will return the face to its youthful appearance, lift the low face and enhance the eyes.

One of the first areas of the face to show signs of aging are the eyes. Volume loss occurs early in this area and causes the eyes to change shape from round to more elliptical, makes them sink into the sockets and can be the cause of eye hollows or bags.

This type of facial aging is best treatment with dermal fillers. We like to use hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers to replace lost volume. Hyaluronic acid is a large sugar molecule that is naturally occurring in the tissues. It is a powerful hydrating agent and accounts for the fact that we are 70% water. The more HA we have, the more plump and hydrated the tissues are. One such hyaluronic acid filler is Juvéderm Voluma which has been approved by the FDA for treating mid-face volume loss.

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The Sagger

If your face is starting to remind you of dropping ice cream on a cone, you’re probably a sagger.

Volume loss occurs well before the visual signs of skin sagging. At around age 35 we start to notice specific facial fat pads disappearing in a particular order, causing distinct signs of aging; loss of jaw line, saggy face, tired look, nose to mouth lines and under-eye shadows. Certain conditions accelerate this process such as disease, smoking, UV exposure and other free-radicals.

A combination of options can be recommended for treating a saggy face which includes Restylane and Juvéderm. This approach replaces volume where it has been lost to restore the overall youthfulness of the face.

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To determine which facial filler is best for you, consult with one of our medical providers. By understanding your aesthetic goals, we can determine which treatment will help you most in meeting those goals.

The Wrinkler

As a person loses fat in their face, their skin will begin to sag which means static wrinkles become apparent. Over time, as the sun damages your skin, the temporary wrinkles that form on your face when you move your facial muscles may become permanent. This can unfortunately cause you to look stern, tired or angry even when the underlying muscles are still, you’re feeling well rested and in a great mood. This happens because the sun degrades your skin so much that it loses its natural elasticity.

Botox is a prescription medicine that’s injected to relax the muscles beneath, preventing the creation of wrinkles with age. It is regularly used by many men and women, as it is less intrusive and less artificial in appearance than traditional form of treatment such as plastic surgery.

Wrapping It Up

Here at the Thrive Skin + Wellness, we have many years of experience of providing a range of cosmetic solutions, and have a number of treatments available to help you to fight facial volume loss, including dermal fillers. To learn more about our treatment options, book a consultation online or call Thrive Skin + Wellness in Holly Springs at (919) 557-6400.