The AcneApp was developed in 2010 by Dr. Pearson; a dermatologist in Houston and is old news now. But, given that many people still suffer from acne breakouts, we thought we’d do a little research of our own about this type of light therapy. After all, the app was listed as No. 1 in the medical category on iTunes for January 27.

Imagine being able to zap away zits while chatting it up with your friends on your beloved iPhone. Of course it has drawn a lot of interest, even if it’s because it’s an iPhone app. But, does it really work?

How The AcneApp Works

After downloading the app, hold the phone to your skin so the light therapy can begin to work. Remembering to switch sides so that your face is equally treated. The iPhone app works by making the iPhone LED screen emit both red and blue light at a specific wavelength.

This seems a bit unusual, but there may actually be a scientific basis for it. By using red and blue LED light, LED phototherapy is actually a known technique for treating acne. Dr. Pearson’s iPhone app is said to emulate this technique.

Red LED light can help to reduce the inflammation associated with acne, and blue light can help to reduce numerous propionibacterium acnes and bacteria that cause acne.

There are no clinical studies stating the effectiveness of the AcneApp and the Apple store website cautions that “the AcneApp is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended for treatment of any disease or medical condition”.

Difference Between Treatment From The iPhone App and Dedicated LED Photography LED Lights

The major difference is that the LED Photography LED lights is more powerful. We’re not sure whether the LED lights of the iPhone will be strong enough to be an effective treatment for acne, but the basic concept emulates the principles.

The Principle May Be Sound, But Could The AcneApp Do More Harm?

A person who suffers from cystic acne with open draining sores that uses the app, bacteria on the phone could cause a skin infection. As with any new technique, treatment or novel idea, before trying it, we recommend consulting a physician before preceding with it as it could make your skin condition worse.

In Conclusion

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