Our skin is a remarkable yet delicate organ. It’s important to keep acne prone skin clean, protected and healthy, we do as best as we can. We drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, follow a skincare regimen and eat fruits and vegetables — at least most of the time!

It’s almost a given to have acne as a teen and even into your 20’s. But when it seems like it’s unceasing and extends into adulthood, it gets to be a bit much for most acne suffers. After all, we’ve paid our dues as teenagers, right?

Fluctuations in hormones can be contributing a factor for some of us. But then, there are also the periodic breakouts due to genetics that make it more challenging to keep skin clear of pimples. It can be exasperating, but Image Skincare has answer for acne prone skin – the reformulated Clear Cell range of products.

Start with a good morning cleanse of your skin and at night, use Image Skincare Clear Cell Clarifying Gel Cleanser. This is a gel-based cleanser that has a foaming action to help exfoliate dead skin cells, remove makeup, and eliminate excess oil to keep skin looking smooth, refreshed, yet not shiny. It’s formulated for both adult and teenager acne suffers.

Even though we all know that picking the skin is bad, some people do it anyway. But given that it can lead to spreading infection and leave scars, you should break out of the habit. Using Clear Cell Clarifying Acne Masque a couple times a week can help heal skin. In just one application, this blend of glycolic and salicylic acids can eliminate the toughest acne lesions. It instantly extracts impurities that clog the pores and lead to red acne lesions. The active ingredients reduce redness and lesions dissipate practically overnight. It’s great as a spot treatment also.

Don’t forget your moisturizer. One critical step for any acne sufferer using the Clear Cell line of products is include the moisturizer – Vital C Hydrating Anti Aging Serum. It is notable in its ability to reduce redness and combat dryness without irritating the skin and heal all at once.

In conclusion

Whether you are a teen just starting to suffer from breakouts or you’re an adult acne sufferer, cheer up. Image Skincare Clear Cell line of products assures you of visible results. Don’t wait any longer for a solution to help your skin look fantastic and feel better. Call us today at (919) 557-6400 or schedule a complimentary consultation online.

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