Our skin is the protective covering that makes us alike but highlights those distinctive differences that makes each of us unique. But a cherry angioma isn’t one of those things we consider to be a good uniqueness.

The condition of this covering has caused issues for us since birth. We soften it by using creams and lotions. We cover it with scented oils and perfumes to make it smell good. We use it as a canvas and splash it with all shades of colors, and we are forever putting something on it or removing something to add to its esoteric value.

The skin is our body’s largest organ; it releases as much as three gallons of sweat per day when the weather is hot. On an average adult, the skin weighs eight to ten pounds and foresees health issues long before they become a problem.

Moles, rashes, or hives are the other changes we most often look to when something inner is wrong, and if left untreated, they can sometimes lead to major health concerns later on.

Changes on the body’s epidermis

One such outer change on the body’s epidermis is the Cherry Angiomas. Also referred to as Campbell de Morgan or senile angiomas, these are usually benign, but common spots that appear on any part of the body. Cherry angiomas are a type mole that is filled with broken blood vessels which gives them their cherry red color.

Thankfully, they are not a cause for great concern unless they change shape or begin to bleed. Cherry angiomas are oval or circular in shape and can range in size from a pinpoint to a quarter inch diameter. While exposure to chemicals in the environment, sun and pregnancy are thought to contribute to the condition that usually appears in those age 30 and older, there is no known definitive causes for the angiomas.

Cherry angioma treatment

Laser treatment is the most common treatment for cherry angioma removal. Quick and minimal discomfort, the procedure is done as outpatient surgery and requires no hospital stay. The laser treatment uses a pulse dyed concentrated yellow laser that produces heat which destroys the lesion.

What to do next

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