Lip fillers are one of the more popular lip enhancement procedures we perform at our medical spa in Holly Springs, North Carolina. Nowadays, more women are concerned with the way they look, especially when it comes to their lips. We’ve all seen the endless over-the-counter makeup products promising to give the effect of plumper lips.

But why the assumption that we all desire fuller lips? Is there a scientific study, how can you get the desired effect cost effectively, efficiently and more importantly, safely?

When we’re choosing to have a cosmetic procedure done, why do lips get so much attention? After all, there are many effective procedures such as Botox and advanced chemical peels that can also enhance our appearance. So what’s the big deal with plumper lips?

The possible science behind it

There is research to suggest that larger lips are better. It is thought that females desire fuller lips because it signifies strong mating and maternal potential. Basically, the research indicates that we are more likely to be more affectionate towards an adult with softer, childlike features such as jutting cheeks or plumper lips.

Further into the relationship aspect of the research, 50 men were presented with various images of women and the participants’ eye movement was tracked for the first 10 seconds. While the men spent a notable amount of time looking at the women’s lips, eyes, and hair – the amount of time they spent looking at the images of women wearing lipstick was tripled the time spent looking at the women’s hair and eyes. The research also showed that the men perceived plumper lips to be more attractive. This was indicated by the selection of two of the women celebs judged that are notable for their plump lip look.

Additionally, some researchers feel that the obsession will plumper lips could be tied to a part of our evolutionary heritage. The fact that oestorgen controls fertility and the reproductive cycle and higher levels increase lip thickness, some scientists hypothesize that plumper lips are like a public notice that a woman is fertile. Some men maybe wired to unconsciously respond to this.

Lip enhancements

We’ve written before about lip fillers in previous articles and getting the facts about the procedures to achieve natural-looking results. Whether scientific or for personal reasons, the request to have plumper lips seems to be here to stay a while.

In conclusion

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