Scars, acne scars in particular, can vary greatly in appearance, but they all share one common bond — they make people feel uncomfortable and displeased with their appearance. At Thrive Skin + Wellness, our skin care specialists carefully assess your scar and skin condition to determine your treatment options for your individual situation.

We offer treatments for a wide range of acne scar types, from surface to deeper ones including acne scars, keloid scars and stretch marks. These scars have different types of causes and different levels of severity.

IPL laser acne scars treatment

Some of our treatments work by encouraging the skin to heal itself, for example our IPL treatment can improve the appearance of acne scars and encourage the skin to heal itself. The light waves produces a thermo reaction in the skin that can cauterize broken blood vessels, thereby fading reddish scars and improve skin tone and texture. IPL does not smooth out the scar or decrease its depth, but by evening out the discoloration, the scar is less visible.

Dermal fillers acne scars treatment

Although not suitable for all scar types, we offer dermal filler injections to treat scars that have left an indentation in the skin. This treatment makes the scars less noticeable and can last up to one year.

Chemical peels acne scars treatment

Technically, other scars are superficial as they are in the uppermost layers of the skin (corneum). But, these types of scars can still affect your self-esteem. Chemical peels are the recommended treatment for these types of scars; especially acne scars. Depending on the depth of the scar, a balanced, medical-grade chemical peel is applied to your skin to allow it to shed the first few layers of skin and reveal the more even, fresher skin underneath. The dead skin cells need to shed, heal and then reproduce new skin cells. So, this process is not quick.

In conclusion

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