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Laser Tattoo Removal Holly Springs

Our tattoo removal specialists are exclusively focused on our quality laser tattoo removal services. For specific information about your tattoo(s), a private consultation is required. During the consultation, the tattoo(s) will be evaluated, all questions will be answered, and the medical risks and benefits of the laser tattoo removal procedure will be thoroughly explained to you. We will establish a price per treatment and approximate number of treatments necessary, based on the evaluated tattoo(s).

The Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser

With its unique Dual Wavelength Technology, 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths, targets treatment of multicolored tattoos across a broad range of skin types.

Removing a small tattoo of one color may take several 30-minute laser treatments; multicolored tattoos may take several more sessions depending on their size and type/color of ink. Sessions are usually spaced 4-8 weeks apart and are performed in the office.

The laser treatment itself feels like numerous snaps with a rubber band. Most patients do not require anesthesia during the procedure A cooling device is used to slightly numb the area prior to and during the treatment. Topical or local anesthesia is provided at an additional cost but usually is not necessary.

If you are considering laser tattoo removal, call us today at (919) 557-6400 to schedule an appointment or schedule an appointment online.

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