Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in Holly Springs

laser-hair-removalHair grows in three stages. Laser hair removal is designed to treat hair in its active, or anagen, phase of growth when it contains the most melanin and the shaft itself is thick. Because the laser targets the melanin (pigment) in hair shafts and follicles, white, grey, blonde, red or fine hairs are not treatable since they contain so little melanin. For those patients that are eligible, several treatments are necessary to achieve the amount of hair growth reduction that is desirable. Laser-assisted hair removal has been proven to be more effective than any other hair removal process.

While complete elimination of the hair cannot be guaranteed, the majority of patients report at least thinner, more sparse and slower re-growth of hair after each laser session. Most areas of the body can be treated. For darker skin types, the Cynosure Cynergy™ YAG 1064mm laser is optimal. Purchase a package of 5 treatments and receive the 6th treatment free.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal Over Other Methods Of Hair Removal

  • FDA approved for permanent hair reduction
  • Safely treats all skin types
  • Large areas can be treated quickly and effectively
  • Less pain and discomfort compared to waxing, tweezing and electrolysis

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