Improve Your Skin With Dermafrac

Total Health & Skin Center is excited to introduce Dermafrac! It targets wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, large pores, acne scarring and more. Thi[...]

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What Is A Medical Massage?

July 26, 2019

If you are unfamiliar with Medical Massage Therapy, it is a service prescribed by a medical provider and is intended to resolve conditions diagnosed a[...]

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Don’t Let Excessive Underarm Sweating Diminish Your Life

February 21, 2018

Excessive underarm sweating can be an embarrassing and frustrating experience. If you are always feeling self-conscious about the stains on your cloth[...]

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Skin Foods, Healthy Skin Starts With Food

February 14, 2018

You probably already know that nourishing your skin helps keep it as healthy as possible. But are you getting enough of the right nutrients from the f[...]

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Are You At Risk For Autoimmune Diseases?

November 30, 2017

Autoimmune diseases can often manifest as low energy, sore joints, headaches, digestive issues and even eczema. Many times, the symptoms go undiagnose[...]

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Your Diet Could Be Working Against You

November 24, 2017

Your diet could be playing a role in your depression, moodiness or irritability in addition to chemical imbalances and hormones. Sugar is often a culp[...]

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How Much Do You Know About Melanoma?

August 22, 2017

Many Holly Spring people have a misconception that skin cancer is not serious and is therefore less invasive in spite of the existing and new statisti[...]

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Brain Health Food & Exercises

May 24, 2017

Brain health food is important for your brain health at any age, but especially as you get older. The brain is a complex organ and is central to every[...]

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My Imperfect Body: What Treatments Are Available?

March 17, 2017

No, this article is not about people wanting to fit in clothes that are single digits (size 1, 2, etc.) which may not be healthy for your what you thi[...]

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Causes and Treatments Of Spider Veins

March 13, 2017

Roughly 30 to 60% of men and women experience spider veins, especially as they age. Let’s take a look at what spider veins are, what causes them to [...]

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Best Foods To Eat For Healthy Skin

February 27, 2017

Most of us are fully aware that processed foods, sugar, and alcohol can be disastrous for skin and bodies when we overindulge. It can be difficult to [...]

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