Botox and Dysport are different brands of skin smoothing products that block nerves of specific muscles. These products are given to patients through injections which release acetylcholine, causing muscles to contract. As these muscles have less movement, the skin gradually has a smoother appearance.

5 Ways They Are Similar

  1. They are both a botulinum toxin injection
  2. Both treatments are temporary fixes for wrinkles
  3. Neither treatment requires hospitalization, all injections can be done in the doctor’s office
  4. Insurance does not cover either of these treatments
  5. Follow up injections are needed to maintain results

How They Are Different

Not all wrinkles are caused by age. Although that is a common factor, constant facial expressions such as frowning and squinting can contribute to the progression of wrinkles. Botox and Dysport treatments cannot get rid of existing wrinkles but both can work to smooth the skin and make wrinkles less noticeable. Both treatments use similar active ingredients, but the potency of the trace proteins can make one more effective than the other.


Dysport is mainly used to treat the area between the eyebrows, known as the glabella. These lines appear at all ages when a person frowns. The problems occur when a person has a relaxed facial expression and the lines are still noticeable. Dysport is designed to help those with more severe wrinkles. This treatment offers fast results, in just a couple of days. The results can last anywhere from three to four months, but follow up treatments will be needed after that.


Botox treatment has a wider range of treatment options. It can be used to treat the glabellar lines as well as forehead and crow’s feet. All Botox treatments are done the same as Dysport, but it can take longer for effects to show. Patients can expect to see results anywhere from one week to one month after treatment. Every treatment is different. Some Botox injections can last a few months, while some can last six months. Just like Dysport, follow up treatments will be needed to upkeep results.

Both procedures are done in our offices by a skilled technician and are short, only lasting 10 to 15 minutes. No anesthesia is required, but the treatment area will be numbed before injections. The discomfort levels are very mild, but some patients have experienced bruising at the injection site. The cost of each treatment is based on the number of injections needed, which can be determined by our technicians. Visit Thrive Skin + Wellness online and schedule a consultation to start your process today!