Pixel laser resurfacing is ideally suited for dramatically improving one’s skin without significant discomfort or downtime. This laser can be used to treat enlarged pores, resistant pigmentation, roughened textures, acne scars, fine lines, and sun damaged skin.

When the seasons change, we always hear from our skin center patients asking about the right treatments for the upcoming weather in Holly Springs. Whether they’re interested in new products to rehydrate their skin or a filler to awaken their eye area, we’re always excited to share recommendations and offer our services.

With colder weather and the holidays just around the corner, we recommend patients take the chance to refresh their appearance with a rejuvenating treatment such as Laser 360 Skin Tightening or an intense pulsed light (IPL) procedure. Both of these can help diminish age spots, minimize fine lines, and treat acne scars for healthier-looking skin ahead of all those photos at holiday parties.

Here are 3 reasons autumn is the best time to receive a rejuvenating treatment.

1. You’re spending less time in the sun. Immediately after receiving a laser or IPL treatment, your skin will be extra vulnerable to the elements, especially sunlight. In fact, the sun’s powerful rays can cause irreversible damage to your sensitive skin while it is recuperating from the treatment. Because the daylight hours are shorter during fall season and you inevitably spend less time outside, this season is the optimal time for a rejuvenating treatment.

2. You’re already protecting your skin. The autumn coolness leads us to layer on scarves, jackets, and, of course, moisturizer. Therefore, receiving a laser skin rejuvenation or IPL treatment won’t change your skin care plan as much as it would during the summer when you may use fewer or lighter products. Plus, if you receive a rejuvenating treatment on your skin or neck, your layered clothing will keep those areas well protected during the recovery process.

3. You’re in qualified hands at Total Health & Skin Center. It is important to have an evaluation and treatment conducted by an experienced, trained medical provider before your procedure to ensure it is conducted properly and does not cause adverse effects. Our skincare team understands the best skin rejuvenation and IPL treatment methods for each individual’s skin type to give you the beautiful results you desire. During the fall season, our team doubles down as we see an influx of patients.

If you’d like to see the outstanding results of these treatments before your holiday parties, we encourage you to call and book your appointment now. You may contact our skincare center online, or call our Holly Springs office at (919) 557-6400.

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